Ranbir Kapoor-List of His 8 Girlfriends


Ranbir Kapoor's name has become synonymous with beautiful women and it is not too hard to guess why. The endless list of women that he's dated in the past and his continuing doing so have earned him the title of the ultimate casanova. His genetic good looks and suave charm easily sweep ladies off their feet and there's no stopping him. His list of girlfriends is only getting stronger with hotter girls joining the brigade. Here is the list of the various women that he dated, though most of the affairs with the mentioned ladies were never confirmed. Know the names and stories of this endless romance...

1-Nargis Fakhri


His co-star in the upcoming flick 'Rockstar' was named as the cause of the split between Ranbir and Kat. The two were often seen hanging out together and set tongues wagging. However, Ranbir no longer seems smitten by her as he seems to have moved on to greener pastures.

2-Nandita mahtani


It was a dream come true for the Kapoor clan's blue-eyed boy when Sanjay Kapur's ex-wife, Nandita Mahtani walked into his life. Ranbir admittedly had a crush on her since childhood. He had a brief fling with her but the 10 year age gap between the two was probably too hard to handle for him and they parted ways.

3-Sonam Kapoor


The evident chemistry between Ranbir and Sonam during the filming and promotion of 'Saawariya' was too obvious for anyone to doubt it. The two, however, denied seeing each other stating they were childhood friends. But on a recent interview on 'Koffee With Karan' Sonam gave hints of bitterness towards him when she assisted Deepika Padukone in ripping him apart for all to know.

4-Deepika Padukone


This must have definitely been an affair to remember for Ranbir as well as the whole nation. Deepika was the one who managed to put him on leash for over two years. The couple was very much in love until Ranbir fell for his weakness for girls again. He allegedly cheated on Deepika and hooked up with Salman Khan's then girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

5-Avantika Malik


Now Imran Khan's wife, Avantika was Ranbir Kapoor's love interest during their teenage years. Ranbir apparently had a huge crush on her and would keep landing up on the sets of the show 'Just Mohabbat' where Avantika played the girlfriend of the protagonist. The teenage crush is history now and Ranbir even attended Imran and Avantika's wedding ceremony.

6-Anushka Sharma


Soon after the two met at Karan Johar's party in February, they started getting close to each other and were spotted in each other's company. The rumoured link-up apparently had had its desired effect, on Anushka's part, as she got signed on as the leading lady for Ayan Mukherjee's next project alongside Ranbir.

7-Angela Johnson


She is the latest lady to have caught Ranbir's fascination. The Kingfisher Calender Girl, Angela and Ranbir have been seen together since the past two weeks. An inside source also said that they were too cosy and comfortable with each other for starters. We don't know how long this chemistry will last but it will certainly make a lot of news.

8-Katrina Kaif


Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor rumouredly dated each other for a year. The affair began from the time they began working together and when both were seeing different people viz. Deepika Padukone and Salman Khan. This set off quite a cold war between the two with Deepika taking a dig at Katrina Kaif on 'Koffee With Karan' saying she would like to "see her passport".

After putting down such an exhaustive list of Ranbir Kapoor's many girlfriends, we sincerely hope that he sticks to at least one relationship. There might be other repercussions apart from the damaged reputation that he has already suffered.

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